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Rising Phoenix Tang Soo Do & MFR Therapy

Testimonials and Referrals

Our family has received numerous benefits from our involvement in Tang Soo Do. We are able to spend time together both at the dojang and home working on our skills. Each of us has benefited physically and mentally from the schooling. ~ T. Family

  • I feel better about myself and karate has helped me become stronger. I can focus more now and have set a goal to become a black belt. ~ 12 yr old son
  • RPMAA karate has helped me lose weight, increase flexibility, and reduce stress in my life. ~ Mom
  • As someone with arthritis, Ms. Heise’s school has given me back flexibility and mobility that I had lost and has allowed me to postpone surgery and live medication free. ~ Dad

Rising Phoenix has provided my family a safe and fun avenue for balance, fitness, personal development and self defense training. ~G.W.

They are just so wonderful and have helped my daughter in so many beautiful ways. I have really seen her grow and learn discipline and patience. Highly recommended.~C. F.

We love the teachers and how kind and dedicated they are with the kids. The kids (ages 4 and 7) enjoy coming every week. They have learned better ways to deal with stress. They have also learned some self-discipline. ~ B. Family

Rising Phoenix has been a part of our lives for the past four years. Our three children have very different personalities, strengths and areas of needing improvement. Ms. Heise has adapted her techniques to their specific needs, whether it is working with our daughter on her confidence or containing the energy of the boys! We all look forward to class and cannot wait for the upcoming years! ~ B. Family

Tang Soo Do helps condition Drew (14 yrs) and strengthen his core muscles, which aid him in ice hockey, his favorite sport. He is more balanced and confident both physically and mentally. Kate (10 yrs) enjoys kicking and learning new forms. ~ C. L.

Since beginning Tang Soo Do, Jack (9 yrs) has gained a better awareness of self…both physically and emotionally. He has better self-esteem and has more body awareness than he had before Tang Soo Do training. As parents, we believe this is one activity, unlike traditional sports, that will stick with him for a lifetime and has been valuable to our reinforcement of being a positive, contributing member of our society. We appreciate the time, energy and support Ms. Heise and her class instructors put in to making this an experience unique to Jack’s strengths and needs. ~ N. Family

Our son John has grown up in Rising Phoenix. In addition to learning self defense, he is learning discipline, leadership, and  self control as part of his Tang Soo Do training. We feel that this training is giving John discipline in other areas of his life. He does well in school, plays music, and is well coordinated-all we feel are a result of his early start in Tang Soo Do. We feel Rising Phoenix is a positive force in our son's life. We have high regard for Ms Heise, and look forward to John's future achievements. ~ M. Family

Martha Heise is an excellent teacher in the art of Tang Soo Do. I highly recommend Rising Phoenix due to Martha's extensive training background and her passion.~ J. R.

Testimonials and Referrals - Community Presentations and Bodywork

Martha has a quality about her that is apparent in her demeanor, appearance and presentation. Her determination to teach Martial Arts to the best of her ability, teach adult and youth students to have values, and keep the honor of her chosen style comes through in her teaching. I highly suggest anyone in her vicinity to check out her classes, or at a minimum take some time to get to know Martha and add her to your contact list. ~ S. Cohen, President, Chi for Living, LLC.

Her attention to detail is one of her strengths. ~ J. W. Spooner, CFP, Owner, JWS Financial

Thank you so very much for speaking at the March meeting of the West End MS Support Group. Your demonstration was very interesting and informative. It was very well received by the group. As I said to you, “it was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop.” That is unusual for our group. Thanks again. ~ T. Hinkey, West End MS Support Group

Thank you for taking your valuable time in coming to my physical education class yesterday to present a program of awareness for our students. The discussion of physical fitness, peace of mind, self defense, and self discipline was awesome and well received by our students.

~ K. M. Terwilliger, Pocono Mountain School District, Physical Education Dept.

Another resource that should be especially appealing to martial artists is Martha Heise, who is not only an expert martial arts instructor (Tang Soo Do - Korean karate), but also practices myofascial release…Martha understands the interconnection between body and mind and how both martial arts and therapeutic bodywork can be used as vehicles for personal growth and spiritual awakening. ~ D. Christine, Certified Craniosacral Therapist

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