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Rising Phoenix Tang Soo Do for You

Tang Soo Do

Through Tang Soo Do at Rising Phoenix, students of all ages strive to be there best selves. They
  • identify goals, opportunities, challenges, and next steps
  • explore their talents, diverse skills, new friendships
  • & grow physically, mentally, and spiritually

Instructors guide you through the experience with encouragement and attention to support your success and growth!

Young Students, Teens & Adults are Welcome

In Rising Phoenix Tang Soo Do classes, young students learn focus, respect for themselves and others, goal setting, self defense, and more while having fun. Classes include exercises, group activities, and games that encourage exploration, confidence, coordination, self discipline and other positive values. Teens and adults benefit from activities that support fitness, inner growth, balance, and more in their lives.
Discover the many lessons Tang Soo Do training offers; have fun; make friends; expand your reach. Adults and Youth interested in trying class may participate in introductory classes first to become familiar with the studio and Tang Soo Do before registering.

  • Tiny Tigers & Little Dragons classes are for our youngest students (Ages 3+)
  • Beginners classes cover the fundamental techniques of Tang Soo Do at a pace allowing the beginning student ample time to learn the basic techniques before moving to the advanced class.
  • Intermediate/Advanced classes build on student's foundation as they learn more advanced skills, develop a deeper understanding, and expand their experience.

Tang Soo Do training supports living your life with courtesy, friendship, and a spirit of self-improvement. Each individual's goals and journey are unique. Tang Soo Do lessons serve to guide each person to becoming his/her better self through physical and mental training.
World Tang Soo Do Assoc

Helpful WTSDA Links and News

Rising Phoenix Tang Soo Do is a member of the World Tang Soo Do Association located in Region 8. Registered students are encouraged to take part in Region 8 and WTSDA clinics, seminars, and tournaments with prior instructor's permission.